Who was on the trip: Evelina Fedorenko (tedlab student, now at MGH), Duane Watson, Neal Pearlmutter, his girlfriend (now wife) Jodi Silverman, John Hale (visiting student from Johns Hopkins, now at Cornell), Doug Rohde (more muscle poses here), his girlfriend (now wife) Christine, Eric Solomon, Ken Nakatani (Harvard student at the time, now at Konan U, Japan), Tessa Warren (tedlab student, now at Pitt), Tessa’s boyfriend (now husband) Dave / Deo, Andrea Martin (visiting the lab at the time, now at Edinburgh)

Commentary: Day 1 hike was up Mt Adams. This was too ambitious: over 5500 ft of vertical. We lost half the group on the way up. My bad.
An early image in this set shows the red-haired Evelina Fedorenko (!!).

No photos from day 2 hike. I think I sprained my ankle that year, and didn’t go on a second hike.