Who was on the trip: Steve Piantadosi, Mitchell, Melissa Troyer, Melissa Kline (tedlab student), her boyfriend (now husband) Ben Struhl, Hal Tily (tedlab postdoc, now at Netflix), Leon Bergen (tedlab student), Greg Scontras (then a Harvard student, now at Stanford postdoc)

Commentary: The first of the halloween hikes, up Mt Chocurua in 2010.

What made this hike memorable:
1. Hal asked me early on how long the hike would be. I told him 5 hours. He assumed this was a joke, until 2.5 hours in, we hadn’t yet turned around. Hal wore fashion sneakers, and brought a half-pint of milk in a fanny pack for sustenance.
2. This was an icy walk. Steve made little snowmen on the path while resting.