Who was on the trip: Ev, Richard Futrell, Kyle Mahowald, Robbie Kubala, Laura Stearns, Olessia Jouravlev (postdoc in Ev / Nancy lab), Zach Mineroff (RA in Evlab), Brianna Pritchett (RA in Evlab), Jeanne Gallee (Evlab UROP), Julian Jara-Ettinger (student in Laura Schulz’s lab, collaborator on Tsimane’ research)

Day 1: A short hike up Frankenstein Cliff, to the Arethusa Falls. We got caught in the rain on the way back.
Day 2: Zach, Brianna, Julian and me, up the Lafayette Ridge. We missed our turn on the way back, and had to backtrack, right when it started to rain. Fortunately the rain didn’t last long.