Who was on the trip: Ev, Mitchell, Yora (Ev’s friend from Volgograd), Rachel “Rikkie” Ryskin, Richard Futrell, Laura Stearns, Zach Mineroff, Brianna Pritchett, Matt Siegleman, Idan Blank, Julian Jara-Ettinger, Mika Braginsky, Paula Rubio-Fernandez

Day 1: A short hike up for Ev, Ted & Yora on some mystery mountain
Day 2: Lafayette Ridge on the last Sunday of the summer. Not the wisest choice: 1000s of people on the ridge. A slow walk down, in single file (except for Laura, who managed to sneak by large groups by running past them politely). Peeps: Ev, Mitchell, Yora, Rikkie, Richard, Laura, Zach, Brianna, Matt, Julian, Mika