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Frequently Asked Questions

What's Avaga?
Avaga is the program that will replace your current MP3 player.

Avaga makes managing large collections of MP3 files quick and easy. It also provides a number of features not available in any other MP3 player.

Like other programs, Avaga maintains a database of information about your songs. But it doesn't just support the typical fields like Title, Artist, and Album. Avaga also allows you to create any new fields you can dream of. Give each song a rating, or a mood, or mark the good dance or party tunes.

Ever try to edit the genre of a bunch of songs using WinAmp or Real Jukebox? It takes forever. With Avaga, you can edit the genre of multiple songs at the touch of a button.

Avaga also has a powerful interface for selecting songs from your collection. You can quickly construct arbitrary boolean expressions to select just the songs that match your criteria. Or perform simple queries with just a double-click. Are your guests walking in the door? Double-click a party tune, hit Play, and all of the party songs will be queued to play.

Adding songs to the play list can be a chore with other programs, but Avaga has a simple intuitive interface for working with the play queue. You can easily add or remove songs or reorder the songs in the queue.

Avaga also allows you to create "song packs". Bundle up a bunch of tunes and send them to your friend. Then in one easy step she can load all the songs into her collection, as well as any of the information about the songs you included in the pack.

What platforms does Avaga support?
Avaga runs on Windows 95+ and on Linux RedHat compatible operating systems.

Does Avaga support ID3 tags
Yes. Avaga is able to read and write most ID3 tags, including ID3V2.

Is Avaga skinnable?
No. The interface is too complex for skins to be practical.

Does Avaga have visualizations?
No. Visualizations are fun for about 10 minutes. Music should be heard, not seen.

Avaga is Copyright 2000-2001 Doug Rohde. All rights reserved.