Drug Lord

version 1.31


Drug Lord is a drug trading, wealth building game modeled on Dope Wars. But Drug Lord is a whole lot more. You can now choose from many different cars, upgrades, and weapons. You can also place bets at the bookie, visit the hospital for healing or the garage for repairs, hire guards and, oh yes, hire "escorts".


Drug Lord is a fantasy computer game. It is meant to satirize the drug dealing culture, not support it. Do not play it unless you have a well-developed sense of irony. Dealing drugs is very very bad. So is capping policemen. Don't do it.


To run the Linux executable, DrugLord.tcl, you must have wish installed on your computer. It comes standard with most Linux distributions, or download it here.

On Mac OS X, you may be able to run the Macintosh version using the Classic emulator. Otherwise, you can also install Tcl/Tk Aqua from the Apple web site and use the DrugLord.tcl file.