autoPlot - plots the entire network in a charming format


    autoPlot [<plot-columns>]


This command lays out the entire network in the Unit Viewer. It plots each group from last to first as if the group were plotted using plotAll. Normally, a blank row is left between groups. However, Elman context groups are plotted immediately below the previously plotted group and shifted to the right. This arrangement assumes that Elman layers will immediately precede their source groups in the group order.

If plot-columns is specified, it will set the number of columns used in the layout. Otherwise, the number of columns is automatically determined based on the maximum number of units in any group.

If the numColumns field for a group is set to something greater than 0, it will override the plot-columns in determining how many columns are used in plotting the group. This can be used to customize the layout short of specifying it entirely by hand.

Once autoPlot called, it will be reinvoked whenever the structure of the network changes. If any other plotting command is given, automatic plotting will stop. New networks are by default in "autoPlot mode".


plotRow, resetPlot, plotAll, drawUnits

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