clientInfo - returns information about one or all clients


    clientInfo [<client>]


This command can only be run in the server. It returns information about the clients. With no client number specified it will report the number of clients connected and how many are currently training, testing, halted, or idle. It will then print information about each client.

If a client number is given, just information about that client will be returned. The client information consists of its number, the IP address of the client, the name of the Tcl channel used to communicate with the client, the file descriptor of the connection, the port used for the connection, and the state of the client.


To get the overall client information:

    lens> clientInfo
    2 clients  1 training  1 testing  0 halted  0 idle
    1 sock6 6 1687 testing
    2 sock7 7 1691 training

To find out about just one client:

    lens> clientInfo 2
    2 sock7 7 1691 training


startServer, startClient, trainParallel

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