connectGroupToUnits - creates links from all units in a group to given units


    connectGroupToUnits <group-list> <unit-list> [-mean <mean> | 
        -range <range> | -type -<link-type>]


For each group in the group list, this connects all units in the group to the specified receiving units. Groups and units should be identified with their given names rather than number or path. By default the new connections will have a type with the same name as the sending group, but this can be overridden.

If mean and/or range are given, they will determine the values used for randomizing weights in this projection. If left unspecified, the network defaults will be used for these links.


To connect each unit in the "in1" and "in2" groups to the fourth and fifth units in the "hid" group with weight randomizations in the range [-1.5, 0.5):

    lens> connectGroupToUnit {in1 in2} {hid:3 hid:4} -mean 0.5 -r 1.0


addGroup, connectGroups, connectUnits, elmanConnect, addLinkType, disconnectGroupUnit, setLinkValues

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