elmanConnect - connects a source group to an Elman context group


    elmanConnect <source-group> <context-group>
        [-reset <reset-on-example> | -initOutput <init-output>]


This sets up the first group as the source for the second, context, group. The two groups must have the same number of units and the second must have an ELMAN_CLAMP output function that has not already been assigned a source group. Once this command is invoked, when the context group is updated, the output of each unit in the source group will be added to the output of the corresponding unit in the context group.

The -reset option will set the resetOnExample parameter of the source group. This defaults to 1 or TRUE, which means that the outputs of the source group will be reset to the group's initOutput at the start of each example.

The -initOutput option sets the source group's initOutput value. The default depends on the output type of the group, but is typically 0.5 for [0,1]-bounded groups.

The resetOnExample and initOutput values could also be set directly with the setObject command.


To make group "context1" the context layer for group "hidden1" and have the unit outputs of the context layer reset to 0.1 at the start of each example:

    lens> elmanConnect hidden1 context1 -r 1 -i 0.1


addGroup, groupType, copyConnect

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