getObject - prints the contents of an object


    getObject [<object>] [-depth <max-depth>]


This command will return the value of a Lens object. If the object is a simple field, such as an integer, real, or string, it will return the value as expected.

If the field is a container object, all of the fields will be displayed. In addition, sub-objects will be traversed and their contents printed as well. max-depth sets the depth of traversal of sub-objects. The default value is 1, which will display the names of sub-objects but not traverse them. A value of 0 will display just the name of the main object. A value of 2 will display the names of sub-sub-objects and sub-objects in arrays. A value of 3 will display the contents of sub-sub-objects and the names of sub-objects in 2D arrays, and so on.

The default object is the null string "{}" which refers to the current network.


To see the number of units in the third group:

    lens> getObject group(2).numUnits

To see the fields of the current network:

    lens> getObject

To see the contents of the current network down to level of the names of units and the contents of examples:

    lens> getObject -d 4
To see the contents of the "hidden" group down to the level of the contents of units and pipe the result through more:
    lens> more << [getObject hidden -d 3]


setObject, viewObject, graphObject, path

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