graph - creates, deletes, or manipulates graphs


    graph [create | list] | [delete | refresh | update | store | clear | 
        hide | show] <graph-list>


This command performs several different operations on graphs. They are as follows:

"graph create" creates a new graph and returns its name, which is an integer index into the root.graph() array. The new graph has no trace

"graph list" returns a list of the numbers of all of the graphs.

"graph delete <graph-list>" destroys all of the graphs whose numbers are listed. * refers to all graphs.

"graph refresh <graph-list>" redraws one or more graphs. This may be necessary if you have directly changed a parameter for the graph using setObject or the Object Viewer.

"graph update <graph-list>" causes the active traces in the graph(s) to update themselves. This adds an additional point to the trace using the current value of the object or command that the trace is tracking. If the graph's updateEvery field is greater than 1, then an update may not actually occur every time this is called. If a graph has been configured to update NEVER, it won't be updated by this command.

"graph store <graph-list>" causes the graphs in the list to store themselves. This creates an inactive and transient copy of the active traces, and then clears the active traces.

"graph clear <graph-list>" causes the graphs in the list to clear themselves. This deletes the transient traces and clears the active traces.

"graph hide <graph-list>" hides the graphs in the list. A graph that is hidden continue to update itself, but there is no graphical window so the graph updates are much faster.

"graph show <graph-list>" shows all of the hidden graphs, creating windows for them. In BATCH mode, this does nothing.

You can read more about graphs in the Graphs section of the main manual.


To create a graph, add a trace to it, change its columns to 500 and redraw it, do:

    lens> set g [graph create]
    lens> trace create $g error
    lens> setObject graph($g).cols 500
    lens> graph refresh $g


graphObject, trace, exportGraph

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