graphObject - opens a graph of the value of an object or command


    graphObject [<object-list>] [-updates <update-rate>]


This opens a graph and creates a trace for each object or command in the object list. It returns the graph's number. This is a shortcut for what could be done with the graph and trace commands.

The "objects" can either be the name of a real-valued network object, like error or group(3).unit(2).output or they can be Tcl commands that return numbers, like expr log([getObj error]). If no object is specified, error is the default.

If -updates is given, it determines the frequency with which the graph will update its values. Recognized values are NEVER, TICKS, EVENTS, EXAMPLES, WEIGHT_UPDATES, PROGRESS_REPORTS, TRAINING_AND_TESTING, and USER_SIGNALS. You only need to specify a unique prefix of the full name. The default is PROGRESS_REPORTS.

You can read more about graphs in the Graphs section of the main manual.


To graph the output of units out:0 to out:2 every tick:

    lens> graphObject "out:0.output out:1.output out:2.output" -u TICK


graph, trace, exportGraph

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