index - creates a .tclIndex file recording the locations of commands


    index [<directory> [<glob-filter>]*]


This is a slightly modified version of the auto_mkindex command. It reads through all files that match at least one filter in the specified directory and creates a .tclIndex file which lists the procedures defined in each source file. The default directory is the current one and the default filters are "*.tcl" and "*.in".

Subsequently, if an undefined procedure is invoked, Lens will look for it in all index files in the auto_path. If found, the correct file will be sourced and the command executed. This is called autoloading. The auto_path is a normal Tcl list and can be customized in the .lensrc file.

You don't need to call this function every time you start Lens. Only do it when you add a new procedure to one of your ".tcl" files.


To make an index of all "*.tcl" and "*.in" files in the current directory:

    lens> index

To make an index of all "*.in" and "net*" files in the directory "Scripts":

    lens> index Scripts *.in net*


source, alias

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