lesionLinks - removes links or sets or adds noise to their weights


    lesionLinks <group-list> [-proportion <proportion> | 
        -value <value> | -range <range> | -multiply | -flat |
        -type <link-type>]


This will lesion incoming links to the groups in one of three ways. The proportion, which defaults to 1.0, gives the likelihood that each link will be affected. It is not guaranteed that exactly (100 x proportion)% of the links will be affected. If a link type is given, only links of that type will be affected.

With no value or range, the links will be permanently deleted.

With just a value specified, the link weights will be set to this value. Typically a value of 0.0 would be used.

With a positive range and boolean multiplicative and gaussian values specified, noise will be introduced in the weights of affected links. See the help for the command noiseType for an explanation of these parameters.

When the weight of a link has been changed with this procedure, it is not possible to restore the previous value. Therefore, be sure to saveWeights before lesioning the links.

If you may want to recreate the exact same lesion again, be sure to seed the random number generator before lesioning and record the seed value.


To remove 50% of all incoming connections to the group "output":

    lens> lesionLinks output -p 0.5

To zero all the bias connections to the group "output":

    lens> lesionLinks output -v 0 -t bias

To multiply the weights of all links by gaussian noise with a standard deviation of 0.1:

    lens> lesionLinks * -r 0.1 -m


lesionUnits, noiseType, freezeWeights

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