lesionUnits - inactivates a percentage of the units in a group


    lesionUnits (<group-list> <proportion> | <unit-list>)


With a group list and proportion specified this will lesion each unit in the groups with probability 100 x proportion. It is not guaranteed that exactly (100 x proportion)% of the units will be affected.

With a unit list specified, it just lesions those units.

A lesioned unit will have 0 output and outputDeriv. All other values and value histories will be NaN. It will not compute its input or output or their reverses during forward and backward passes. Lesioned output units will not contribute to the error.


To lesion approximately half the units in the "hidden" group:

    lens> lesionUnits hidden 0.5

To lesion the unit "output:0":

    lens> lesionUnits output:0


healUnits, lesionLinks, noiseType

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