loadWeights - loads the link weights and other values from a file


    loadWeights <file-name> [-noFrozen | -onlyFrozen]


This reads weights (and possibly other values) for every link in the network from a special file written with saveWeights. The file will not be loaded if it doesn't contain the same number of links as the current network. However, subtle differences in architecture will not be detected by this check. When using networks with randomized structures, it is important to have recorded the random seed used when building the network so the same architecture can be reconstructed later. Otherwise, previously stored weight files might be useless.

This command will detect if the file contains link weight deltas or lastValues as well as weights and will load all of the values in the file.

If -noFrozen is specified, values will only be loaded into non-frozen links. If -onlyFrozen is specified, values will only be loaded into frozen links. The number of links into which weights are being loaded must match the number of links stored in the file. This check will be made before anything is loaded.

If the file name has the extension .gz, .bz, .bz2, or .Z, it will automatically be decompressed. This extension may be omitted when specifying the file name.

Unless weights are only loaded to frozen links, the network's totalUpdates counter will be set to the value stored in the weight file, as this should indicate the number of updates that have been performed on the non-frozen weights.


To load the weights from the compressed file greatNet.wt.gz:

    lens> loadWeights greatNet.wt


saveWeights, loadXerionWeights, connectGroups, getSeed

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