loadXerionWeights - loads weights from a Xerion text-format weight file


    loadXerionWeights <file-name>


This reads weights from a weight file produced by the Xerion simulator. The file should have a format similar to the following:

    named: 6936 # currentNet.currentEpoch: 15730
    Bias -> hidden1.0: -0.663468
    Bias -> hidden1.1: 0.190194
    Bias -> hidden1.2: -2.51771
    input.0 -> hidden1.0: -3.39392
    input.1 -> hidden1.0: -1.9046
    input.2 -> hidden1.0: -2.1046

Other than "Bias", the group names in the weight file must match those in the active network.

If the file name has the extension .gz, .bz, .bz2, or .Z, it will automatically be decompressed. This extension may be omitted when specifying the file name.


To load the weights from the compressed Xerion weight file xer1.wt.gz:

    lens> loadWeights xer1.wt


loadWeights, saveWeights

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