moveExamples - moves examples from one set to another


    moveExamples <example-set1> <example-set2> 
        ([<first-example> [<num-examples>]] | <proportion> | ) [-copy]


This moves examples from set1 to set2. If set2 already exists, the examples are appended. If set2 doesn't exist, it will be created.

If only set1 and set2 are given, all examples will be moved, but set1 won't be deleted.

If just an example index is given, that example will be moved. If num-examples is also given, that many examples will be moved, starting with the specified example.

If proportion is specified, that proportion of examples will be randomly selected and moved.

The -copy flag causes examples to be copied, rather than moved.


To move 20% of the examples, at random, from a training set to a testing set:

    lens> moveExamples training testing 0.2

To partition a set of 1000 examples into 5 sets of 200:

    lens> repeat i 5 {moveExamples bigset set$i 0 200}


loadExamples, deleteExampleSets

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