randWeights - randomizes all of the weights of a selected type


    randWeights [-group <group-list> | -unit <unit-list> | 
        -mean <mean> | -range <range> | -type <link-type>]


This randomizes link weights. If a link type is specified, only links of that type will be changed. Otherwise links of all types will be changed. If a group list is given, only links into that group will be affected. If a unit list is given, only links into those units will be affected. Otherwise, all links (of the given type) in the network will be randomized.

Unlike the resetNet command, this will randomize frozen weights.

Weights are selected from a flat distribution over mean+/-range. If mean or both values are not specified, the values for the block containing each link will be used. If the values aren't specified for the block, those for the network will be used. The range must be positive, but the mean may be negative.

This command will not change the default mean and range values for link blocks or for the network.


Randomizes all links to the group or network default ranges:

    lens> randWeights

Randomizes only links of type "bias" into the "hidden" and "output" groups. The distribution range will be +/- 0.3. The mean is still determined by the block or network.

    lens> randWeights -g {hidden output} -r 0.3 -t bias


setLinkValues, resetNet, addLinkType

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