repeat - loops a specified number of times


    repeat [<variable>] <iterations> <body>


Because writing for loops in Tcl is annoying, this command provides an easier way to perform the most common sorts of loops.

If iterations is an integer, the code in body will be executed iterations number of times. On the first iteration, the counter variable will be 0 and on the ith iteration it will be i-1. Changing the variable within the body will not affect this.

You may omit the variable and there will simply not be one accessible within the body of the loop.

Alternatively, if iterations is a pair of numbers, "a b", the counter variable will range from a to b, inclusive. If a is greater than b it will count backwards.


To just do something 10 times:

    repeat 10 {puts hi}

To train the network for 1000 iterations, testing every 100:

    repeat i 10 {
        train 100
        echo "Updates: [expr $i * 100]\n[test]" >> outputFile

To print 3, 4, and 5:

    repeat i "3 5" {puts $i}

To print 5, 4, and 3:

    repeat x "5 3" {puts $x}


for, while, foreach

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