resetUnitValues - resets inputs, outputs, or other fields for a group


    resetUnitValues <group-list> [-<field> [<value>]]


This resets the values for all units in the groups listed to some constant. field can be one of -inputs, -outputs, -targets, -inputDerivs, -outputDerivs, or -externalInputs. The first three may be shortened to a single character. The default field is the outputs.

If value is specified, the values will be set to that. Otherwise, if the inputs are being set, the default is the group's initInput. If outputs, the default is the initOutput. The default for targets is NaN. The default for other fields is 0.0. Values can be set to NaN by using a - for the value.


To reset outputs of the units in group hidden to the group's or network's (if the group's is NaN) initOutput:

    lens> resetUnitValues hidden

To reset the targets of three groups to NaN:

    lens> resetUnitValues {out1 out2 out3} -t

To reset the inputs of all groups to 0.5:

    lens> resetUnitValues * -i 0.5



Last modified: Thu Feb 25 19:27:46 EST 1999