setLinkValues - sets parameters for all links of a given type


    setLinkValues <parameter> <value> [-group <group-list> |
        -unit <unit-list> | -type <link-type>]


This command sets the value of a parameter in the link block structures for all links of the specified type. If no type is specified, all links will be affected.

If a group list or unit list is given, only links into those groups or units are affected. Otherwise, all links of the appropriate type are affected.

The parameter field should be the name of a real-valued parameter within the block structure. These include learningRate, momentum, weightDecay, randMean, randRange, min, and max. value is the value for that parameter.

Using a dash ("-") rather than a real value will indicate that the group's value for that parameter should be used. If the group's value is also NaN then the network-wide value will be used. Otherwise, the values specified here will override the group and network defaults.

This command does not change the network or group default values. To do that, just do something like "setObj learningRate <value>" or "setObj group(3).learningRate <value>".


To give all bias links to groups "hidden" and "output" a learning rate of 0.01:

    lens> setLinkValues learningRate 0.01 -g {hidden output} -type bias

To more or less permanently shut off all links of type "dead links":

    lens> setLinkValues randMean  0 -t "dead links"
    lens> setLinkValues randRange 0 -t "dead links"
    lens> randWeights -t "dead links"
    lens> freezeWeights -t "dead links"

To make the entire network use the group or network default momentum:

    lens> setLinkValues momentum -


randWeights, freezeWeights

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