waitForClients - executes a command when enough clients have connected


    waitForClients [<num-clients> [<command>]]


This command is used to synchronize clients and servers at the start or end of training. It has several different functions. With no arguments, waitForClients acts as a barrier: If called by a client, the client will wait until the server releases it. If called by the server, the server will wait until all of the clients are also waiting and then the server will release itself and all clients. This is useful for ensuring that the clients and server are ready before training begins and is also useful at the end of training. A client can only call this command with no arguments.

If waitForClients is called by the server with a single argument, the command will cause the server to wait until the specified number of clients have connected. The clients themselves need not make a wait call.

Finally, if waitForClients is called by the server with a number of clients and a command, the command will be executed once that many clients have connected. If enough clients have already connected, the command will be executed and then waitForClients will return. Otherwise, waitForClients will return immediately and the command will be executed when enough clients have connected.


To run the script "trainIt.in" once five clients have connected:

    lens> waitForClients 5 "source trainIt.in"

To wait for five clients and then continue processing the current script:

    waitForClients 5
    sendObj learningRate 0.01


wait, startServer, startClient, trainParallel

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