Getting Started: Example Networks

Lens provides a number of example networks to give you a convenient reference and some fun toy problems to play with.

If this is your first time using Lens, you will want to explore the...

Tutorial Network

Afterwards, you can continue to read on in the manual or just work through the examples and reference the manual as needed. If you are not too experienced with neural networks, or even if you are, you could probably learn a lot by experimenting with these networks and trying to understand and improve their performance.

Feed-Forward Networks
xor.in What simulator would be complete without the old XOR problem?
digits.in A very simple digit recognition task.
hand-digits.in A real handwritten digit recognition problem.
bench.in Used for benchmarking the simulator. Not very interesting.
encoder.in Another classic: the encoder network.
negation.in The bit negation problem from Vol. 1 of the PDP books.
pick-one.in Can the network find the culprit in the crowd?
t-c.in The T-C recognition problem from Vol. 1 of the PDP books.
task.in A gating network that learns to solve a specified task.
logic.in A network that solves boolean formulae with three variables.
Simple Recurrent Networks
filler.in A memory task.
filler-srbptt.in The same task using an SRBPTT network.
adder2.in A network that learns to add binary numbers.
adder10.in A network that learns to add base-10 numbers.
sequence.in A sequence prediction problem.
rhw-sequence.in The sequence task from Vol. 1 of the PDP books.
logic2.in The network must solve complex, nested boolean formulae.
recoder.in Can the network invent a language?
Fully Recurrent Networks
integrate.in Study the behavior of different types of integrating units.
rand10x40.in A feed-forward random mapping task with a continuous network.
on-off.in A continuous network that must turn units on and then off.
Other Networks
jets-n-sharks.in The Jets and Sharks interactive-activation network.
kohonen.in A Kohonen self-organizing map (SOM).
boltz.in Two simple Boltzmann machines on the digits task.
boltz-complete.in A pattern-completion task with Boltzmann machines.

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