a flexible platform for language processing experiments
version 2.94

Welcome to the home of Linger, a software package for performing reading, listening, and other sentence processing experiments. Linger was primarily designed for masked, self-paced reading experiments. However, the code is flexible and can be adapted to support many other types of experiments.

Because Linger is written in Tcl/Tk, it can run on Unix, Windows, or Macintosh systems. Linger is also able to handle non-English text and has been used to conduct experiments in Chinese, Japanese, and other languages.

The Linger package is actually composed of four main programs: Linger, Lingalyzer, Lingrapher, and Subjector. Linger runs the experiments, Lingalyzer analyzes the data, and Lingrapher can be used to quickly generate graphs of averaged reading-time data. The Subjector program is a general purpose application for maintaining a database of subjects and the experiments they have performed.






Installing Linger

To install Linger, or to upgrade your current installation, you will first need to download the latest version.

Then you will need to install Tcl/Tk as follows...


Windows Mac OS X Mac OS 9

Read the documentation for more information on installing and using Linger and its friends.

Written by Doug Rohde
Copyright 2001-2003