Doug Rohde's port of |STAT

Sorry, Gary Perlman does not want me to distribute this software anymore. You'll have to get it from his site.

|STAT is a suite of statistical analysis and data manipulation tools written by Gary Perlman. I have made some minor changes to the code to reduce potential buffer overflows and compile warnings.

These are command-line tools. In order to use them, you will need a command-line environment (terminal). On Mac OS X, use the Terminal. On Windows, you can probably use the built-in shell. But I recommend downloading and installing the Cygwin utilities.

You can download either binaries or the modified source code. Each is a gzipped tar file. Windows and Mac unstuffing and unzipping utilities should know how to unpack these. Or, from the command-line, they can be extracted as follows:

> tar xvzf unixstat-linux.tgz

Once you've unpacked it, read the README for installation instructions.



Comments, questions, and bug reports should be addressed to dr+stat@tedlab.mit.edu.

Doug Rohde, dr+stat@tedlab.mit.edu,
Department of Brain and Cognitive Science,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology