Learning to Talk about Events

Grounding Language Acquisition in Intuitive Theories and Event Cognition

August 10, 2016

This is an all-day workshop to be held August 10, 2016, the day before the main Cogsci program begins. It will be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA.

This workshop brings together leading researchers in the language and cognition of concepts and events in order to share knowledge, discuss open research questions of mutual concern, and shape the path forward. Precisely because questions about the representation of concepts and events are so broadly applicable across the cognitive sciences, they tend to be studied fairly independently in multiple different (sub)disciplines.

The workshop focuses on language acquisition, particularly the acquisition of verbs. This will help focus discussion without necessarily sacrificing breadth: Verb acquisition presents a particularly rich set of phenomena touching upon issues of central concern to the disparate concepts and events literatures. To these ends, the workshop speakers represent diverse research traditions and topics, and many have contributed to multiple of these literatures.

Schedule Workshop description

Organizers: Eva Wittenberg, Melissa Kline & Josh Hartshorne


For questions about this workshop, please email Melissa Kline at melissa.e.kline@gmail.com


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