Want to work in TedLab?


Potential postdocs should write directly to me (Ted; egibson@mit.edu), describing their training and interests. I am trying to keep the size of the lab relatively small, so I am not actively recruiting new people. However, I am committed to increasing diversity in cognitive science and neuroscience, so if you are a URM (including racial and ethnic minorities, women, and individuals from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds) interested in joining the lab, please get in touch. I am also open to ideas for new lines of work that are aligned with my current interests (see research, and our recent papers) and could be supported by external funding.

Graduate Students

Potential graduate students (both US and international) should apply through the BCS graduate program application. We also accept post-bac students (a two-year program for college graduates designed to help them prepare for a PhD program) through the Post-baccalaureate Research Scholars Program in Brain and Cognitive Sciences. I may be taking a new graduate student in the 2021-2022 cycle, so I look forward to your application.

Undergraduate part-time research assistants

We typically have several part-time undergraduate research assistants working in the lab. We sometimes list available UROPs on the UROP website, but students can also contact me (Ted; egibson@mit.edu) to ask if there is a position available. Typically we ask UROPs to work for credit for their first semester in the lab, while they are mostly being trained. Many of our long-term UROPs are funded by either the UROP office or our grants. UROPs who stay in the lab more than two semesters often get to play significant roles in research projects, and some have earned authorship on published papers.