Principal Investigator

Ted Gibson

Ted Gibson

I am the PI of Tedlab. Here is my CV.


Alex Paunov

Alex Paunov

My ultimate research interest is in understanding how cognition and communication in human societies give rise to culture. My more proximate interests are in better characterizing the mechanisms by which people's minds change in response to socially acquired information, and in explaining how information containing evidence about the mental states of other agents is processed, how the inferred mental states are represented, and how these representations are then used to update one's own mental states. The particular source of evidence about others' minds that I focus on is verbally communicated information. Methodologically, my aim is to tackle these questions through a combination of sensitive behavioral paradigms and the best available techniques in human cognitive neuroscience.


Rachel Ryskin

Rachel Ryskin

I am interested in how individuals achieve impressively efficient language processing in the face of ambiguity, and the memory representations that underlie this ability. In particular, I've examined how people use various sources of information (e.g., visuo-spatial perspective, common ground, source memory, distributional learning) to constrain the interpretation of spoken language. In current work, I'm examining the noisy-channel inferences that allow listeners to decode the intended meaning from input that's been corrupted by noise (e.g.,when a speaker makes an error) and the underlying mechanisms by which listeners achieve accurate modeling of the noise in their environment.


Richard Futrell (2018)

Kyle Mahowald (2016)

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Tim O’Donnell

Peter Graff

Hal Tily

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