I started at MIT in 1993. Each year since around 1996 we have gone on a lab retreat involving hiking. I don’t have photos from the first couple of years: the first photos are from 1999, and then from 2002 on.

Each year’s worth of photographs tells you who came that year. The first time a person is mentioned, a description is given of who that person is. If they don’t have a description after their name, then they appeared in an earlier hiking trip.

In 2002, Ev Fedorenko joined the lab as my student, and then we fell in love, and got married in 2008. There was no retreat in 2008: there are some photos from our wedding instead. Evlab started in 2014 at MGH / Harvard Medical School. Ev joined MIT in 2019, and Tedlab and Evlab joined together to form Tevlab.

Incomplete photo credits: I (Ted) took many of these, but obviously not the ones with me in them.