Who was on the trip: Ev, Roger Levy (visiting from UCSD, now professor at MIT BCS), Kyle Mahowald (tedlab student, now professor at UC Santa Barbara), Leon Bergen, Melissa Klein and Ben Struhl.

Commentary: The second of the halloween hikes, up Lafayette Ridge in the ice

What made this hike memorable:
This was too hard a hike in these conditions for us. It was around freezing and it had been cold for many days, so the path near the river was covered in ice, and even some snow as we got higher. This was a dangerous hike. Roger fell into the river about a mile into the hike, and so he had to turn back. (That was partly my fault, in leading Roger where to cross the river. Sorry Roger!) Many of the rest of us only made it 1/2 way up the Falling Water path, because of too much ice. But Leon, Kyle, Melissa and Ben made it all the way to the ridge. Everyone that we encountered on the path was wearing mountain gear, including crampons. We were in hiking boots and sneakers. They correctly assessed us as reckless.

There was no day 2 hike.