Who was on the trip: Ev, Mitchell, Steve Piantadosi (tedlab student, now professor at UC Berkeley), Steve’s girlfriend (now wife) Celeste Kidd (now professor at UC Berkeley), Mike Frank (tedlab student, now professor at Stanford), Giulia Pancani (tedlab UROP, now a student at UNC), Melissa Troyer (tedlab student, now a postdoc at U Western Ontario)

Commentary: We went up Lafayette Ridge on Day 1. I remember Mike Frank quizzing me and Steve all the way up that hill, complaining about some issues in Piantadosi, Tily & Gibson (2012, Cognition). I don’t remember the objections. Mostly what I remember was that Mike was in much better shape than me or Steve, so we couldn’t justify our choices in that paper at the time, because we were too out of breath to talk.
Day 2: just me, Mike, Ev and Mitchell, on a local “easy” hike, which turned out to be exhausting.