Who was on the trip: Steve Piantadosi, Mitchell, Melissa Troyer, Melissa Klein (tedlab student, now researcher at Open Science Foundation), her boyfriend (now husband) Ben Struhl, Hal Tily (tedlab postdoc, now at Netflix), Leon Bergen (tedlab student, now professor at UCSD), Greg Scontras (Harvard student in tedlab, now professor at UC Irvine)

Commentary: The first of the halloween hikes, up Mt Chocurua in 2010.

What made this hike memorable:
1. Hal asked me early on how long the hike would be. I told him 5 hours. He assumed this was a joke, until 2.5 hours in, we hadn’t yet turned around. Hal wore fashion sneakers, and brought a half-pint of milk in a fanny pack.
2. This was an icy walk. Steve made little snowmen on the path while resting.