Ted Gibson

First I apologize for the previous bio if you happened to have read it. Here is a new one.
Ted (Edward) Gibson. I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, in 1962. I went to Queens University (Kingston, Ontario) where I double majored in math and computer science. I took 1/2 of 1984 off to row at the Olympics in Los Angeles, where I came 7th in the coxless 4. See here for the 1985 world championship final in the coxless 4 (4-), my last race for Canada.
I then got an M Phil in 1986 in Computer Speech and Language Processing from Cambridge (UK), and a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University in computational linguistics in 1991. I work on all aspects of human language: the words, the structures, across lots of languages. I mostly works with behavioral data: what people say, and how they perform in simple experiments. I have worked with two indigenous populations in the Amazon – Pirahā (Brazil), studying aspects of number cognition – and Tsimane’ (Bolivia), studying color word labeling.
I have two sons, Peter (born 1991) and Mitchell (born 1995) from my first marriage. I am married to Ev Fedorenko, a great neuroscientist of language and cognition. Ev and I have collaborated on many projects including Lana (age 5).